Wooden Bird House Birdhouse Hanging Nest Feeder With Loop Home Garden Yard Outdoor Pet Decors House Shape


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Bullet Points:
1、House-type bird feeder: Provide instant entertainment for you or your family and children, sit down and enjoy the feeding and nesting of birds in the natural environment.
2、Single-sided design: Translucent sticker, one-way mirror sticker, easy to observe the bird's nest from the inside without disturbing the bird.
3、Powerful suction cup: 3 powerful suction cups can make the wooden house firmly fixed on the glass, which is convenient and quick to install, without any tools.
4、Classic imitated wooden house design: Innovative stick design, convenient for birds to rest
5、Suitable for windows in the home. Attracting a variety of birds to inhabit

Name: Outdoor bird nest bird feeder with suction cup bird nest innovative DIY bird cage
Color: wood color
Size: about 14*10*22cm, the opening is about 1.25 inches
Material: ABS & PS & PVC suction cup

House-type bird feeder: Provide instant entertainment for you or your family and children, sit down and enjoy the feeding and nesting of birds in the natural environment.
Single-sided design: Translucent sticker, one-way mirror sticker, easy to observe the bird's nest from the inside without disturbing the bird.
Powerful suction cup: 3 powerful suction cups can make the wooden house firmly fixed on the glass, which is convenient and quick to install, without any tools.
Classic imitated wooden house design: Innovative stick design, convenient for birds to rest
Suitable for windows in the home. Attracting a variety of birds to inhabit.





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