USB Reptiles Box Heat Mat. Adjustable Temperature Control


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USB Reptiles Heat Mat with Adjustable Temperature Control




Bullet Points:

1、Reptile Heating Pad: It is made of high-quality hot wire and 5 layers of thermal insulation to meet the needs of reptiles. Suitable for cold-blooded pets, providing a warm living environment in the cold winter.
2、Temperature Model: The constant temperature model of the heating pad is about 38℃, and the temperature control model can be adjusted in 3 levels of high, middle and low, and the temperature is about 30-40℃. You can choose the most comfortable temperature for your pet in different weather.
3、High-quality Materials: Surface canvas, middle waterproof layer, warm flannel and heating wire heat conduction layer, multiple warmth, wear resistance and scratch resistance.
4、Convenient Travel: 5v safe voltage, USB power supply, it is easy to take your pet out of the house.
5、Wide Application: Suitable for reptiles, lizards, amphibians, small animals, generally used on the bottom or side of the terrarium.
1. Reptile Heating Pad: It is made of high-quality hot wire and 5 layers of thermal insulation to meet the needs of reptiles. Suitable for cold-blooded pets, providing a warm living environment in the cold winter.
2. Temperature Model: The constant temperature model of the heating pad is about 38℃, and the temperature control model can be adjusted in 3 levels of high, middle and low, and the temperature is about 30-40℃. You can choose the most comfortable temperature for your pet in different weather.
3. High-quality Materials: Surface canvas, middle waterproof layer, warm flannel and heating wire heat conduction layer, multiple warmth, wear resistance and scratch resistance.
4. Convenient Travel: 5v safe voltage, USB power supply, it is easy to take your pet out of the house.
5. Wide Application: Suitable for reptiles, lizards, amphibians, small animals, generally used on the bottom or side of the terrarium.

Name: Pet Reptile Heating Pad
S: about 10*20cm/3.94*7.87 inch
L: about 15*27cm/5.91*10.63 inch
Style: three-stage temperature regulation model, constant temperature model
Material: canvas, waterproof coating, flannel, heating wire and thermal conductive layer
Voltage: 5V
Stalls: high-gear mid-gear, low-gear
Power: high -7.5w, medium -5w, low -3.5w
Temperature: 30-40℃ (temperature control version)
Constant temperature model: about 38℃
Suitable for: lizards, snakes, spiders and other reptiles and hamsters and other pets.

Packing List:
1*Reptile Heating Pad


Due to environmental and operational problems, the temperature display may be deviated, please forgive me!


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