MongGo Q Canine Heartworm CHW Auxiliary Diagnostic Health Testing Kit for Dogs 10-Packed


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  • Used For Dog Heartworm Test: Heartworm Ag test for dogs.

  • Quick & Accurate Result: The accuracy of the test can be achieve to 99% with results in 5-10 minutes, which can eliminate all potential dangers and improve the quality of pet lives. Clean and hygienic.

  • Simple Operation: We have listed the detailed ways of measuring and testing, sample requirements, result determination and so on to help you use.  According to the contents of the manual, 4 steps can cover the whole process.

  • Individually Packaged: The product is not too large, which is easy to carry around and save. Easy to use at home, no requirements on environment.

  • Auxiliary Diagnostic: There is no harm for pets during testing, and pet will not feel uncomfortable. Used as a auxiliary tool for clinical detection of animals Heartworm Ag.

  • Package Include:10 CHW Ag test card, 10 Disposable sample dropper, 1 User manual,1 Color card

  • The Rapid CHW Ag Test Kit is one-step diagnostic reagent based on the immunochromatographic assay of the CHW antigen in whole blood, serum and plasma of dogs. A specific antibody to CHW is conjugated with gold particles and another is immobilized on the nitrocellulose membrane. If CHW antigen is present in the specimen, the antibody- gold conjugates will bind to it forming antibody- antigen complex. As the mixture flows along the membrane, the complex is captured on the test line (T) of the membrane, producing a visible read band. Another gold-conjugated reagent is captured by the antibody immobilized on the control line (C) of the membrane. Otherwise, the T line does not develop color. The control line (C) develops color regardless of the presence of CHW antigen.






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