Hamster Landscape


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Hamster Landscape Toy Pet Golden Bear Cage Contents Climbing Ladder Platform Food Bowl Escape Swing Hammock Combination 
 ladder platform:250g,16*11*6cm  Rocking bed:300g,21*16*2.5cm,

 elliptical hammock:130g,14.5*9*4cm      arch bridge:85g,10*20*1cm

platform:30g,5-6*1.5cm         Semicircle bed:110g,14*12*1cm

bowl:60g,5*6-7*6-7cm     30cm rail160g,10*15*2cm

 40cm rail200g,10*20*2cm      50cm rail250g,10*26*2cm




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Hanging nest, Molar wood house, Semicircle bed, platform, rail-40cm, bowl, rail-50cm, rail-30cm, ladder platform, 10 20cm arch bridge, elliptical hammock, Rocking bed


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