6/12 Egg Incubator Brooder Automatic Farm Bird Quail Chick Hatcher Poultry Hatcher Turner


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Note: Hi friend, This product support DC 12V function, If you need double power supply function, You can buy a incubator and 12V cable at the same time. If you just buy a 12V cable, It may not fit for your machine. Hope you can understand it. Thanks in advance.


1. The egg incubator is equipped with an automatic egg turner, which turns the eggs every two hours. You can also start the egg turner at any time.
2. Mini incubator can incubate 6-12 chicken eggs, 6 incubator is for 6pcs chicken eggs,12 is for 12 pcs chicken eggs. 1 sink, good humidity regulation
3. Incubator for poultry hatching, built-in fan, low noise, fan-assisted airflow/circulating air, evenly heating fertilized eggs.
4. The incubator with the warm jacket not only saves energy but also maintains the temperature balance, and incubates normally in the low temperature environment.
5. Multifunctional design:
This incubator is suitable for hatching all poultry – chickens, ducks, geese, quails, birds, pigeons, etc.
The transparent base allows observation of egg hatching, ideal for hatching lessons and demonstrations.
6. Highlights:
Works with eggs of many sizes
Automated features for easy operation; great for off-farm hobby and educational activities;
For eggs, duck, goose and pigeon eggs only
Incubator and power adapter and instruction manual, other accessories shown in the picture are not included.

Note that after a long-term experiment, we found that no matter what model, there will be a certain temperature difference between the upper and lower temperature of the two rows of design. All no matter the size, only one row is made, and it is additionally equipped with a drinking tank.
Working environment: 10~30℃
Rated power: 60W
Material: ABS
Equipped with corresponding plugs: EU, US, AU
Quantity: 1 set

Package Contents:
1 x Egg Incubator
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

1x Hydrator

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Green 6 220V EU, Green 12 220V EU, White 6 220V EU, White 12 220V EU, Green 6 110V US, Green 12 110V US, White 6 110V US, White 12 110V US, 12V power cable


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